Shur Flo Gutter Protection

Thanks for visiting here you will find valuable resources. Search threw out the website to find very informative information about Shur Flo gutter guard. You will also find a very easy to understand how to video on installing Shur Flo as a DIY(Do It Yourself) or to just see how Shur Flo is installed if your thinking of having Shur Flo installed by a professional. This is an informational website created by Everything Gutter thanks for visiting.

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See also the link on the menu above for a complete list of all our how to videos like gutter cleaning, repair, installation etc… We created this website so the consumer can be well informed about choosing a gutter guard with the option of a DIY.  We also wanted to make a full list of professional products available to the consumer that could not be found at any local hardware stores, much higher quality:). If your budget does not allow you to hire a professional to complete the work, then here you will find everything you will need to complete the work yourself, all products can also be found on Amazon or threw some online searches threw other providers. We did not create this website to sell a gutter guard or they other products, we created this website to truly help the consumer to give them an option if they were not able to fit gutter guards in there budget, we wanted to give the  option for a DIY.  At the least show the consumer exactly what products to use and where to get them. This website will point you in the right direction:).

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We truly hope this information helps if there is anything that has not been answered and you would like some help or just a general questions please don’t hesitate to contact us from our contact us page or by visiting our youtube how to channel by clicking here. If you have manufacturing questions please contact the manufacturer of Shur Flo. If you currently sell Shur Flo and would like brochures, gutter guard samples, etc.. Please contact the manufacturer. If you currently offer shur flo to your customers and would like a listing on our local shur flo installer page just fill out the application. Help us offer all the available information to the consumer and gain leads, Thanks:)

Shur Flo Gutter Protection

What makes ShurFlo different Makes ShurFlo Far Better – ShurFlo Gutter Guard does not go under your roof shingle and has a patented angle built into the design of the system, so debris will not sit on the system! (“It stays clean just like your roof stays clean”) ShurFlo just attaches to the gutter! Then it is screwed into place. “So ShurFlo does not effect your roof warranty”.

ShurFlo also comes with a 20 year Warranty “Most Gutter Guards Installers claim this but they actually do not, most warranties are exaggerated”, or state a lifetime when there lifetime is ten-twenty years!!! ShurFlo offers a clear 20 year warranty. ShurFlo has no slots or openings in the front to allow “bees” or “birds” into the system. Please note the 20 year warranty is on the gutter guard itself. We get ask this question all the time there is no warranty on the gutter guard not clogging because it will in most cases. There is know such thing as a gutter guard that will not need to be cleaned if correctly informed. Most times the consumer is mis lead. The main purpose of a gutter guard is to increase the flow rate and make the gutters more manageable. For more details on this please see the posted videos you may also visit our gutter guard review channel on youtube by clicking here. There you will find non-biased gutter guard reviews on almost every type of gutter guard with more added every day. The reviews are not there to talk about or put down any type of particular gutter guard they are real reviews on what was found when arriving at service calls. They are there to give the consumer the best information possible to make a better choice. We don’t endorse any particular gutter guard not even shur flo, what! yes, we just recommend any professional type aluminum perforated type gutter guard, shur flo being one of them.

Shur Flo Gutter Guard

20 year No-Clog Warranty!ShurFlo is also one of the only gutter guards on the market that requires No MAINTENANCE! Now this is what you will see advertised with most gutter guards yet this is just not true, all gutter guards have maintenance. Yes Shur Flo comes with a 20 year warranty ShurFlo is the clear choice for gutter protection 93% of every homeowner that sees ShurFlo chooses ShurFlo Gutter protection over any gutter guard on the Market!!!

Shur Flo come’s in two different styles, more variations coming soon. The Shur Flo’s Original design pictured to the left and Shur Flo Step Down pictured to the right. The difference between the gutter guards is the original Shur Flo has a flat surface and the Shur Flo Step down has a curved surface in the middle of the gutter guard to handle extreme water flow. Other then that they are identical.

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